Get Involved – Be a Mentor!

Mentors are the heart of BTM: men like you supporting one boy in his journey to become a man among men.

What do mentors do?

Mentors listen to, nurture, and encourage the boys. A mentor takes his teen to and from the bi-weekly meetings and is in contact with him in between as mutually desired.

What's a J-Group meeting?

A Journeymen group meeting is a 2½- to 3-hour bi-weekly meeting, where the participants share and discuss issues in their lives. The boys and mentors gather to share the rewards and challenges they face and to provide support for one another. Sometimes the journeymen meet separately with a facilitator. Both groups join in activities together such as touch football or Frisbee. We also share a snack, eat, talk and laugh together.

But What About – ? weekend

Why Should I Be a Mentor?

  • You'll learn
  • To listen, without giving your own "fantastic" advice
  • To be a better parent to your own children.
  • To help a boy navigate the challenges of adolescence; and
  • To make a difference in a young man's life.

I know nothing about teens!

That's why mentors have a special training weekend and ongoing support.

But a year is a long time – what about vacations, illness, etc.?

It is a commitment, but mentors have backup. And as the relationships develop, both men and boys do what's necessary to meet their needs and schedules.

What about personal liability?

BTM-GW carries liability insurance through the Boys To Men Mentoring Network, and all mentors undergo background checks.

What does it cost?

Rites of Passage Adventure Weekend staff are asked contribute a $150 staffing fee or whatever a man can afford. Mentors are responsible for the cost of activities with their mentees.

I Can't Be a Mentor, But How Else Can I Help?

Be a Man of Resource::

We need help from men who have ideas and professional and/or volunteer experience working with teenagers. We particularly need men who can facilitate J-Group activities, such as drumming, judo, tracking, etc.

Help with Fundraising:

We are an independent 501(c)(3) organization, and must raise our own funds. We need men with experience in fundraising from the community at large.

Make a Donation:

Mail your contributions to:

BTM-GW P.O. Box 9722 Washington, DC 20016-9722

Please make checks payable to "BTM" with "BTM-GW" noted on the memo line of your check.