Background Check Process

Boys To Men GW, has arranged for the firm of SearchLink, LLC to do all of our background check processes, for the states in whichwe do draw boys from on all men who plan to participate in the Rites of Passage Adventure Weekend at Gaia Healing Center in MtAiry MD, including core staff, mentors, men of service, and anyone else. ANY man that has not completed background checks will NOT be permitted to participate in the ROPAW on any level. Here is how it works:

Fill out the attached Investigation Release and Consent Form to perform the search. Please read, print out and sign this form, providing the information requested. Most searches take 72 hours or longer to complete. You will receive a copy of your search results by e-mail or U.S. mail as per your request circled on the bottom of the Consent/Release Form.

Mailing Address:
(Boys To Men GW),
Attn: Bill Stankiewicz
P.O. Box 9722
Washington, DC 20016-9722

State and National Background Search Process

SearchLink, LLC puts your information into the system to verify it. This process yields the addresses at which you have lived during the last ten years. If you have only lived in one state during that time, the search ends there. If you have other addresses, those states, counties, or localities will be contacted to find out if you have any felony convictions through the courts there. A copy of your results will be sent to you via email. A copy is sent to Craig McClain, founder of Boys To Men (B2M) network, in San Diego, for their national insurance coverage and liability, which covers our center as well. This information is private and will not be shared for any reason.

This is a boiler-plate legalese that allows the investigating firm to do what they have to do to complete their work. Please be assured that no one is going to prod into every dusty corner of your past life for information. A record of sexual assault, abuse, or harassment; domestic violence; or physical abuse of children is a red flag. Offenses against children and felony charges are most likely to cause a problem and will need to be reviewed by the Board of Directors for a decision.

Please do this ASAP within the next few days!

BTMGW appreciates that it takes guts to open one’s “past files” for this purpose. We also know that you agree that the effortinvolved is worth it, in order to ensure safety and a positive experience for the boys in the program

Thanks for helping making this program safe!

Background Check Letter and Application