Journeyman, a Documentary Film


Washington Post “Pick of the Week” Documentary Captures Mentoring and “Rites of Passage” of DC Boys

“Journeyman,” a documentary film about the American, “boy crisis,” debuted in the Greater Washington area in February, 2008. After two years of filming, the climax to the Rites of Passage was completed with footage shot in San Diego and the Washington, D.C. area. The film explores why male depression and violence have been escalating in America, and how mentoring changes lives. Created by film makers Charlie Borden and Kevin Obsatz, “Journeyman,” investigates hidden experiences of Rites of Passage, mentoring, and male culture in America. Footage of the Boys to Men Mentoring Networks “Rites of Passage Adventure” section was filmed right here in the D.C. area.

“Journeyman,” Short Summary

“Journeyman,” is a one-hour documentary film that follows Joe and Mike, two teenage boys hungering for healthy adult mentors. After struggling with depression and violence, they join a mentoring program where they face challenging rites of passage, discover their inner strengths, and learn to engage with a community of supportive men.


The film features Micharel Gurian (The Good Son, The Wonder of Boys), Dr. Michael Obsatz (Raising Nonviolent Children in a Violent World), Dr. Barbara Coloroso (Kids Are Worth It), and Dr. David Walsh (The Selling Out of America’s Children, Why Do They Act That Way?).

“Journeyman” studies the phenomena of “at risk” boys, and focuses on issues in American male culture. The film examines experiments to re-invent male communities by giving boys what they need to grow into mature manhood. Finally, “Journeyman” follows its characters into an authentic “Rite of Passage” where mentoring from a community of men and boys creates a transformative experience for young boys entering adolescence.

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Behind “Journeyman” Unpublished thoughts by Dr. Michael Obsatz