Group Activities

  • 'No one else has been able to stick with my son and keep him from pushing them away.'
  • 'I believe my son’s experience in Boys to Men was instrumental in the turnaround of his life.'
  • 'Ron now knows that he is on a journey to become a man.'
  • 'The initial weekend was powerful for him, giving him tools to express his feelings, especially about our difficult family situation.'

What will my son get out of this?

      Every boy gets something, and it’s often different. The weekend is a smorgasbord of activities, each one with a different goal in mind. Certainly he will experience his own strength and we’ll help to identify some of his specific gifts. He’ll see his own goodness at new levels. There are great ongoing activities where he’ll get a chance to make new friends who are engaged in the process of growing up. If he chooses to have a mentor, he’ll be matched with a safe, mature man who commits to walk with him.

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