Boys to Men Greater Washington is part of a Global Network

Boys to Men Of Greater Washington specializes in creating safe circles where boys can talk about the events, emotions, and experiences of their lives.

Every BTM event includes a peer discussion group for the boys. It is a place where the Journeymen (teens who have done the Passage adventure weekend) get to practice being a fully alive and communicative man among men.

We have a full menu of questions, activities, and exercises to stimulate adolescent boys into fun and meaningful sharing.

Teenage years are a critical time when boys make choices that affect the rest of their lives. We offer boys a safe place where they can talk about what is really going on in their lives, and a community of mentors and peers who listen, believe in them and help them make better choices. In the circle the boys come to the understanding that understand they are NOT ALONE in their struggles.

Boys to Men Of Greater Washington is a mentoring organization

Thus, any eligible boys that come into our program have the option of being matched up with a trained mentor. There are many kinds of mentor match-up possible ranging from group mentoring to full weekly one to one mentor matches.

Boys to Men National, has developed its own transformational two day mentor training weekend called “Reclaiming Your Teenage Fire”. The group and individual mentors who take this special training learn at a deep level how to to listen, accept and admire their young men and to be there as a role model and bless them.

Boys to Men Of Greater Washington hosts regular events which can be an introduction to or follow up support for a Passage Adventure.

We also work with other community organizations that have ongoing activities to integrate their specialty programs seamlessly with our program and activities.

We’ve found that much of a boy’s real transformation occurs in these ongoing circles where trust and depth are always available for boys and men. We come together every two weeks to play, eat, and talk about what's going on in our lives. Many of the young men who complete a BTM Passage Adventure weekend participate in the community activities. This tells us that the BTM activities offer something that young men want in their lives and we have a lot of fun! Everyone has a chance for fun and to feel the fulfillment of service work too..

This is a three-day adventure training designed to let boys discover who they really are and what they want to become.

The transformations possible for boys (and men) are amazing! Many boys come into a passage adventure emotionally shut down. Often, the only emotion that has been okay for them to show externally is anger or “flatness.”

Through simple processes we put them in touch with all of their feelings and emotions. We work to set up situations that let them experience their anger, fear, sadness and joy.

We let them decide for themselves what values they want in their lives. We teach and model accountability and integrity. We dig with them as they discover a mission to guide them in their everyday actions. Most importantly the Passage Adventures are an intensive experience in which boys play and do deep work with mature men forming & deepening bonds that are the foundations of healthy individuals and communities. Click here To read more about the Rights of Passage Adventure Weekend

nWhat will my son get out of this?

Every boy gets something, and it’s often different. The weekend is a smorgasbord of activities, each one with a different goal in mind.

Certainly he will experience his own strength and we’ll help to identify some of his specific gifts. He’ll see his own goodness at new levels.